Vibrating steering wheel could help drivers navigate
A study participant grips a haptic, or vibrating, steering wheel in this driving simulator at Carnegie Mellon University.
March 28th, 2012
09:13 AM ET

Vibrating steering wheel could help drivers navigate

By Brandon Griggs, CNN

Trying to find an address in an unfamiliar neighborhood can be a challenge even with a GPS device.

Peering at the small screen on your dashboard distracts your eyes from the road ahead. The spoken navigation commands can be confusing – did she mean turn here, or at the next street? And pulling up your location on your phone while behind the wheel is dangerous.

Researchers at AT&T Labs and Carnegie Mellon University may have a solution: a steering wheel that uses haptic technology - the same thing that makes your phone vibrate - to alert drivers when it's time to make a turn. FULL POST

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